5StarWines & Wines Without Walls is the wine selection event organized by Veronafiere in collaboration with Assoenologi with an international jury of top wine professionals.

One wine selection event, two important outcomes: first, the three-day blind tasting by an international jury of wine professionals; second, the official guide to the event, 5StarWines – the Book, containing all wines with a score of 90 points or more. JDTW takes care of both the event and the Book for Veronafiere, in partnership with Assoenologi, the Italian Association of Oenologists.

First of all, our team selects the expert judges of the jury and organizes them into panels. We then manage the entire registration process for the participating wineries, including the arrival of the samples at the stockroom, their anonymization, and their division into batches. During the event, we make sure everything runs smoothly and document all the results of the tastings; after the event, we prepare and publish the Guide and promote the selected wines throughout the year.

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