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With 30+ years of wine business experience, Steve Raye’s “how-to” guide is essential reading for any wine and spirit producer venturing into the Unites States market.

Steve Raye is President and CEO of BevologyInc, a consulting company that guides wine and spirit brands looking to enter and grow in the U.S. market. Steve has over thirty years experience helping both producers and potential importers from Stateside. JDTW collated the most important lessons he has learned throughout his long career and published them in the book, How To Get U.S. Market Ready.

To break the American market, the first critical step for producers is to understand how it actually works. After this, they need to develop a customized plan: they need to do the right things, but they must also be done in the right order. The book is full of straight-to-the-point insights, practical graphics, data, case histories and a glossary, and will ensure that readers avoid the mistakes others have made in the past as they confront this most challenging but rewarding marketplace.

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Chapter 1: Getting your Stuff Together
Chapter 2: Insight from an Industry Insider
Chapter 3: Making Stuff Happen
Chapter 4: Marketing Tools You Can Use



“For new players entering the U.S. beverage alcohol space, this book will save you countless hours… and money. It really simplifies the process of navigating this industry and increasing your chances of success.”

John Beaudette, CEO, MHW Ltd.


“Steve Raye’s new book How To Get U.S. Market-Ready is one savvy read. His book is a treasure trove of best practices and pragmatic, no-nonsense guidance that condenses years of consulting experience between two covers.”

Deborah Parker Wong, DWSET. Journalist, Educator, Author, Wine Editor and Consultant

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