An ever-expanding range of books, guides and narratives devoted to the fascinating world of Italian wine.

The Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Italian Wine is the first in a series designed to simplify the complex world of Italian wine. It is a reference guide that explains Italy’s wine regions and grape varieties as well as other interesting facts and stories about Italy’s wine culture. It is the perfect pocketbook to take with you on your trip to Italy, as you attempt to navigate the wide range of wines on offer.

JDTW created this book with the help of four seasoned wine professionals from the international wine community. It contains everything you need to understand the world of Italian wine, with fun illustrations and wine pairing suggestions. Additional resources in the book include pronunciation guides and key Italian wine terms that will be particularly useful to wine students, or those visiting wineries.

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    Italian Wine Unplugged 2.0

    By Attilio Scienza

    Italian Wine Unplugged is a comprehensive yet concise introduction to Italian wine and its native grapes. This updated edition goes deeper into the history, geology and science behind modern Italian wine culture...

    Wine Democracy

    By Attilio Scienza

    This thought-provoking book draws on a series of in-depth conversations, approaching the subject of Wine Democracy from a variety of perspectives, while unravelling some of the thorniest questions facing the industry...

    Wine & Prejudice

    By Attilio Scienza

    From the leading light in grape vine science comes this thoughtful and provocative new history of the vine. Debunking fake news and revisiting ethical debates of the past, Scienza takes a fresh look at the science of the vine...

    How to get US market ready

    By Steve Raye

    With 30+ years of wine business know-how and experience, Steve Raye’s “how-to” guide is essential reading for any wine and spirit producer venturing into the complex North American market...

    Sangiovese Lambrusco

    By Attilio Scienza

    Sangiovese, Lambrusco, and Other Vine Stories by Atillio Scienza and Serena Imazio, tells the fascinating story behind some of Italy’s most iconic grape varieties, including Sangiovese, Primitivo and Lambrusco...

    Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Italian Wine

    By Dr Rebecca Lawrence, Jacopo Fanciulli, Lyka Caparas, Lan Liu

    This essential guide gives you everything you need to master the key components of the Italian wine world, from how to read a label to the geography that lies behind Italy’s most iconic wines...


    By Stevie Kim

    #nofilter brings together some of Italy’s most important wine influencers to offer tips on how to become an influencer, how wineries can harness social media and what’s next for the Italian wine scene...

    Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Grape Varieties

    By Attilio Scienza

    This essential guide gives you everything you need to know about Italy’s most important grape varieties, from the history and geography that lies behind them to the distinct characteristics they bring to the wine...