Mammamia… che buono! is a Vlog series hosted by Italian Wine Ambassador Mike Madaio which pairs Italian wines with local food from all over the globe.

At JDTW we like to make connections. Even between our different projects. In this case, we took advantage of what we did for the publication of Italian Wine Unplugged and asked Mike Madaio, one of the Italian Wine Ambassadors certified by the Vinitaly International Academy, to work with us on a new idea to tell the story behind the book.

The result? A Vlog series which matches – see? Again connections! – Italian wines with food from every part of the world, including the USA, China, Japan, the UK, and Sweden. Through the description of each video, the series also explains food and wine pairing basics, so you can learn how to create your own pairings and become an educated lover of food and wine.

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