Native Grape Odyssey (NGO) is an educational project financed by the European Union for the promotion of DOC and IGP wines in Canada, Japan, and Russia.

As the organizational arm of Veronafiere, JDTW has been involved in the Native Grape Odyssey educational project since its inception. In fact, our team was behind the concept of this project to map out the roots of European indigenous grape varieties and to spread knowledge about European wines and their native grapes. The Odyssey is a classic from literature just as quality is a classic characteristic of European products.

We created and delivered the Native Grape Maestro Training Course in three different countries: Canada, Russia, and Japan. As part of the project, we also designed several learning tools and materials to facilitate a better understanding of European wines. These tools include a book, Native Grape Odyssey, focusing on the history, climate, viticultural, and winemaking traditions of Italian and Spanish wines.

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