#nofilter: 12 Q&A with
9 Italian Wine Influencers

#nofilter: 12 Q&A with 9 Italian Wine Influencers is a snapshot of the wine influencer scene in Italy (in Italian and English). It presents a collection of interviews to 9 Italian wine influencers (7 accounts, mainly on Instagram), who openly discuss their work and their love for wine.

They provide tips on how to become an influencer, advice on how wineries can harness the po- tential of social media for marketing, and thoughts on the future of the wine sector in Italy. Designed to provide insights into the field of influencer marke- ting, #nofilter serves as a companion both to wine business professionals who are looking to improve their social media strategies and to wine lovers who enjoy sharing their passion for wine on social networks.

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Stevie Kim

Stevie Kim, managing director of Vinitaly International and founder of the Italian Wine Podcast and the Vinitaly International Academy. She has an MBA from the Università Bocconi and is a WSET Diploma in Wines student at the Weinakademie Österreich. She has published extensively on the subject of wine.



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“A wine company is no different from a company selling tiles. Both are businesses and in order to be one,
they need to be strategically ready and have clear goals.”



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