OperaWine, the glamorous opening to Vinitaly, is a wine tasting event organized by Veronafiere with a contribution by the leading wine magazine Wine Spectator.

As the organizational arm of Veronafiere, JDTW makes sure that the annual gathering that is OperaWine acts as the discernible precursor to every new edition of Vinitaly. In fact, the event is held the day before the opening of the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition. Our team of creative minds, managers, and wine professionals support Veronafiere in every step of the implementation of OperaWine.

From the coordination with Wine Spectator representatives to the researched concept for each edition; from the setting-up of the location to the selection of the guests among key figures of the wine industry; from the management of the event to its communication and documentation, JDTW’s ethos gives life to OperaWine so that it can celebrate the excellence of Italian wine.

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