Events organization and management

We have always been behind the scenes of important international corporate events: trade fairs, conventions, training courses, presentations, tastings… experience has helped us to map out the secrets to all the imaginable formulas. In previous years we developed a solid know-how in the realm of in-person events, 2020 has given us the opportunity to take our knowledge of digital event management to a higher level, both in terms of hybrid events as well as100% online.

The organization of events can be a solid arrow in the bow of any marketing strategy: whether promotional, educational or informative, an event allows you to create the ideal communication context for your company and, in that scenario, collect and reach multiple targets simultaneously.



The Just Do The Work Philosophy:

Creativity, communication, concrete planning and care: these are the four “Cs” that make up the basic ingredients for any good event. The first C encourages adaptation to the situation at hand, using originality; the second C promotes, documents and ensures key media talk about it; the third one makes it feasible and sustainable; the fourth makes sure that every gear in the machine is precise and well oiled.

Whether attendees are physically or virtually present, each event must be designed ad hoc and shaped to suit its specific context. Each event we organize is, in short, a unique creature: the only common element in all of them is their versatility, attention and punctuality with which we manage them.

The event organization dream team must be made up of two macro-factions, the creative side and the operational side. The two should not be in conflict, but in continuous communication and mutual coordination: in fact, it is not uncommon to see copywriters and graphic designers wielding schedules and tables, or administrative experts organizing their post-its by color scale.

An event has a better chance of success if it is consistently followed at every step and without friction. Our skilled staff cover every moment of the event: from the development of the concept to the budget, from the management of suppliers to that of registrations, from pre and post event communication to final delivery, you will have a single point of contact.

The advantages of a well-organized event are increased if everything that happens is properly documented, therefore, photographers and video makers should not be missing in the lineup. Just Do the Work accompanies every event with a crew of operators, their role is to immortalize the event, from inception to post-production and delivery of the material.

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