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Images convey emotions directly, without going through the filters we use in other communication contexts. A photo or video has a unique quality: it speaks to you immediately. A good visual presentation is like a bass player: all bands have one, but it’s only when the bass player is really good that you notice the difference (no offence to bass players).

Camera clicks set the pace, camera lights act as strobe lights, mouse swipes while contouring provide the backdrop… this is an ordinary day’s work for our band. Here’s what we can do in detail.

 Just Do The Work helps you to:

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We are the band, but the superstar to whom all the attention should go is you. You will need photos to integrate your web and social media marketing into a coherent and complete project. Just Do The Work can help you by organising photo shoots at your company or other locations that are important for your business. We will prepare individual shots and complete company reports for you, essential material for your brochures, your social media, your website and your campaigns. Presenting your product in the best possible way, with the right lighting and from the right angle, showing your company headquarters or the people who make up your company makes all the difference: believe us.

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By ensuring your products or services have the right shots, even your customers will feel like they are crowd-surfing, just like at big concerts. Video productions for corporate communication differ from each other in their objective, type of processing, tools and techniques used. The Just Do The Work crew will choose the best possible editing, the right music and the most effective photo shoots to dress your story and each of your messages in a perfect tailor-made suit.

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One thing the covers of the most famous glossy magazines have taught us is that post-production can work wonders. This doesn’t just apply to photographs, but also to videos: the work involved in packaging both the shots and the footage contributes greatly to the quality and effectiveness of the final product. The team at Just Do The Work can cover every stage, from capturing images to delivering them, through selection and photo-editing or video editing. What is our best special effect? Getting the material to you on time, within the agreed timeframe.

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Even a red tongue can make your brand a recognisable icon for all eternity throughout the world. A guy called Mick Jagger and his friends, for example, know this well. Just Do The Work’s Image Division is trained to come up with design projects that have both an aesthetically pleasing graphic effect and – at the same time – an effective communicativeness that expresses who you are and what you want to say to your audience. In other words, it can give a clear voice and a bright light to your brand identity: you don’t want your customers to think you play chamber music instead of rock and roll…!

Sometimes it’s about image.
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