Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies help define your objectives, your target audience, identify your operational tools, allowing you to monitor results. In other words, a good marketing strategy increases your chances of success: it allows you to avoid improvisation, contextualize your goals and target your efforts with precision.

As an example, when you realize that you feel like taking a trip, you usually don’t jump in your car right away and leave for the first destination that comes to mind and with only the clothes on your back. Rather, you would evaluate suitable dates, choose a destination, decide by what means you will move and prepare a suitcase. In other words, you would make a plan.

Before you go on a journey of self-promotion, to realize your destination and growth, your business must do the same. Developing a marketing strategy means…

check circle Studying the reference market, its characteristics and trends 

check circle Analyzing your value and the opportunities available in order to take advantage of them

check circle Defining the key messages and tone you are using to best represent the company

check circle Developing a competitive advantage and managing it in light of precise business objectives.

We are ready to work with you on your marketing strategy. We can prepare you for when you really have to “get your hands dirty” using the various Advertising and communication tools, online and offline.


 Just Do The Work helps you to:


We will examine your business together, outside and within. We will study the market thoroughly, your competitors, the demand for your products and its evolution. But we will also carry out an overall workup of your business: what are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What strategies have you implemented thus far and where have they led you? We will help you by employing a firm hand, and, above all, be brutally honest.


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely:  SMART. We will define your goals in a timely manner, indicating in detail who will do what, how and why. Your objectives should bring measurable and possible benefits to be achieved with the resources you have at hand.  They should be worth the investment and be consistent with the rest of your strategy. Finally, they must  include  a  precise timeline and deadlines.


Who is your ideal client? This question is not trivial. Within your target market we will identify the different groups of customers on the basis of demographic, socio-cultural, behavioral parameters. Once this is done, we will choose which segments to focus our efforts on: this segment will be your target audience, and its specific needs will be the question that your product or service will have to answer.


Once all the ingredients have been amassed, then comes the time to conceive the recipe that can best enhance flavor. For a successful operational marketing plan there is no universal formula. However, we will do the research together, employing the one that works best for you, pooling your resources and creatively formulating the communication, branding activities, various promotional material and even organization of events aiding with events such as fairs or conventions.


Mistakes are one of the most effective lessons in life -and business- but sometimes the price is too high. It is therefore better to allow those who have experience in this field to warn you against rash moves and even excessive caution; from underestimating your target as well as remaining limited to a small customer base; from not believing in the value of your product or idealizing it to the point of rejecting innovation.

A marketing strategy can be as solid as quicksand or rock:
which one of these would you like your business to be built on?
Let’s talk about it together.