Vine and Prejudice

Is science prejudiced? What is fake science and how has it affected the world of wine? How can a deeper understanding of science help wine producers to confront the major challenges currently facing the planet? These are just some of the questions that are explored in this book. From the leading light in grape vine science comes this thoughtful and sometimes provocative history of the vine.

Discover how grapes came to be, how they have evolved over time, and how they travelled across the globe, creating the wine varieties we know and love today. With his unique take on the back story of the vine, Professor Attilio Scienza explains how our planet shifted and changed over time and how vines morphed and travelled during the earth’s long geological development.

This book charts the journey from the earliest grape farmers to the scientists who figured out how to identify, classify and cross-breed vines, all the way to recent advances in DNA profiling. Exploring the often-controversial history, fake news and ethical debates that have accompanied the science, Scienza takes a look at grape biology through a sociological lens.

Scienza also implores us to think about the future, particularly the implications of genetic engineering and biotechnology. He reflects on the morals of human interference in the natural world and asks what’s next in the search for the perfect grape?

The book

Cover: paperback
Pag :124
Isbn-10: 8894686329
Isbn-13: 9788894663-2-6
formato: 11×18 cm

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Attilio Scienza

Attilio Scienza, is a Full Professor at the University of Milan and President of the Comitato Nazionale Vini. He is the author of over 350 published works, including 23 books on the subject of Italian Wine. He is the Chief Scientist of the Vinitaly International Academy.

Table of contents


Forward by Stevie Kim


Chapter 1

The evolution of science and the birth of biology

Chapter 2

The evolution of fake science and the birth of racism

Chapter 3

What came first, the American
or the European vine (and does it even matter)?

Chapter 4

The palaeontology of the vine:
Returning to the past to understand the present

Chapter 5

The American plague and the search for a more perfect vine

Chapter 6

Pride and progress

Chapter 7

Science sceptics

Chapter 8

The myth of purity and the regulation of hybrids

Chapter 9

The future: re-popularising science Glossary
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«I have known Professor Attilio Scienza for many years and I have always appreciated his great competence and his profuse passion in his numerous studies relating to the fascinating universe of wine and the grapevine. I am sure that his latest work will make yet another important contribution at the frontier of the sector».

Marchese Piero Antinori

«Drinking wine is for everyone, but only a few know how to really talk about wine. Passion, study and experience have distinguished Attilio Scienza as one of the most authoritative voices in the oenological field. If we know today what we are drinking, it is only thanks to people like Attilio!»

Carlo Petrini (President, Terra Madre International)

«In “Vine And Prejudice”, professor Attilio Scienza, with a learned and pleasant commentary, offers the reader a pre- cious tool to understand the different interpretations that exist, even at a scientific level, on the ampelographic char- acteristics of the European and American vines. He makes it possible to increase knowledge, identify the specificities of each one, and overcome rivalries and prejudices: an important step in preparing us to face the solutions that climate change requires us to adopt. There is an urgent need to offer grape growers rootstocks capable of adapting to arid climates and varieties with resistance to parasites and capable of producing less alcoholic wines. Genome editing and cisgenesis are the tools capable of accelerating the pace of scientific research that must be supported and strengthened».

Angelo Gaja (President, Gaja Wine)

«Scienza tells us, with his contagious enthusiasm, the biological history of the vine, reminding us that for both the vine and the wine the future is knowledge and not simply belief!»

Luigi Moio (President, International Organisation of Vine and Wine)

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