Web & social marketing

All current marketing strategies should require at least part of an investment earmarked for web and social marketing activities. To us, the why seems obvious. We know that the web and social media platforms are our main source of information, not only pocket-sized and accessible at all times, but also updated in real time. We also know that on the web and social networks we maintain a significant part of our social and professional relationships. And we also know that the web and social networks are the place where much of your customers’ customer journey, decision-making and purchasing process takes place. This is important for every market, B2C or B2B, and for every sector.


Web and social marketing mean you can reach and influence your potential customers when they consider what to buy. We know that most people seek inspiration, information and opinions online even before they enter a physical shop.

Thanks to the great possibilities of targeting offered by Web and social marketing tools, you can profile your targets on time and concentrate your resources on people who have already expressed a need that you are able to respond to.

Web and social marketing allows you to enjoy great visibility at low cost. Online you can in fact successfully reach targets that, with traditional promotion tools, you would never have been able to reach if not by investing much more money.

Web and social media channels bring a limitless number of people to one place, making it available to everyone: small companies, professionals and multinationals have potentially equal opportunities for success. Here, the real difference is not in budgets, but in an effective strategy.

Web and social Networks offer you countless opportunities to create a dense network of shared relationships, with the abilty to be in constant communication with your target audience. You can be with your potential customers every time they are connected, not only to promote, but also to build loyalty.


The services of Just Do The Work:


Fins and ski boots are similar by the fact that they are both footwear, but, they are designed for different contexts and objectives. The text intended for online or printed publication is similar, yet logically they are different, so, unless you want to walk in the snow with your fins, you will want effective ad hoc text for your website.


If Google and colleagues like your site, it will clearly be visible as the top search result by your target audience. That’s why there is Search Engine Optimization, the optimization of your texts for search engines. Whether your online text follow specific rules is fundamental to the organic positioning of your website or your E-commerce.


In order to capture users when searching online, we have to ask ourselves: “What is the phrase that your future customer will type in to express their question to Google or other search engines? ”. Well, we identify these phrases, we decipher then and their variations and then we strategically insert them between the pages of your site, in your advs, on your social channels, in tags and in the meta tags of your images.


How about setting out bait to attract your audience and get them to come to you? Let’s put the right content in the right place at the right time. This strategy allows us to inform, entertain and educate your target audience in order to generate qualified contacts. It will be easier to turn them into clients first and then into spontaneous promoters of your brand.


If you need to achieve significant results in a short time, Online Advertising is your resource. Google Ads, Google Shopping or other marketplaces, Product Listing Ads, Social Media, Native or Display Advertising… there are many options. But if you don’t have enough knowledge and experience in managing sponsored online campaigns, then we can be your resource.


To exploit the huge social media resource you need two things: the first is a plan, made with precision; an editorial plan. This includes the objectives to be achieved, the audience to address, the writing of creative and engaging texts, the media to attach and external content to share. The second is the time to do all this. We have both.


Just Do The Work is against becoming a crutch! It would be a pleasure working with you, but we don’t want you to need us forever. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to make yourself independent in web and social marketing activities for your company. For this reason, training is an integral part of all our services.

The web is full of fish:
together we can help you find the right bait to catch the ones you need!